Heart disease symptoms caused acute

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Heart disease symptoms caused acute 

          The initial symptoms of the body. An indication that heart disease is common in the general population. Who consider themselves healthy. The fact that the heart may be in the early stages as follows.
           1. Fatigue at exercise. The heart acts to pump blood to various parts of the body when we exercise. Heart to work harder. Usually when we go to a fitness level you feel really tired. For a list of people who have suffered from heart disease, even a little. I felt unusually tired as never before. If exercise. I feel unusual fatigue. May be an indication that you may have heart disease.

     2. Chest pain or angina. Frequently in people with coronary artery disease. And fatty blockages in the coronary arteries. Such characteristic is symptomatic. Feel uncomfortable breathing. Tight chest and center. Are superimposed as heavy. Or band to grow at a breath. Most of these symptoms. The expression for the heart to work harder, such as during exercise. Or use of force, etc., which may be a warning sign that a heart attack.

           Three. Congestive heart failure. Caused by the heart is unable to pump blood to all parts of the body adequately. The patient will have dyspnea. A little of both. Tired of sitting around, or both. In the case of a very Could not lie down as usual. I feel tired when breathing. And chest discomfort are symptoms that may be waking up gasping and panting too late. Symptoms of congestive heart failure. If you do not seek medical attention. And not treated in a timely manner. There may be life threatening.

           4. Palpitations and arrhythmias. Normal heart rhythm consistent with our beat approximately 60 -100 beats / min, but for people with heart arrhythmias. May be shifted to -250 to 150 beats / min, heart rate was irregular. Shake the tired breath.

           5. Syncope is a symptom that can be a warning of heart disease, especially the elderly. The risk of syncope high. The irregular heart rhythm. The cells in which the power stroke, heart deterioration. As a result, the heart beats slower. And insufficient blood supply to the brain. I made a wind to temporarily due to syncope. Often resulting in standing than sitting. We have a chance to fall head hit the ground. And the impact on the brain than the one that the wind often. Should I see a doctor because it could be heart disease.
           6. Sudden cardiac arrest. In this case, most likely caused by a malfunction of the heart cells. And often occurs with no symptoms of the disease before. If there are signs of sudden cardiac arrest. If not, get help fast. May be life threatening.

 Cardiac abnormalities observed in vivo ...
          In addition to acute disorders. Observed symptoms indicative of our own body. It is an unusual warning that you may have a heart, and should see a doctor immediately as well. So that ...
           One. Leg or foot swelling, without knowing why. When I press a finger down the dent. If that happened to me. Should I go for a medical check-up immediately. Because that may be the sign that. At this time you may be in congestive heart failure at her.     
                     . 2 hand foot and lips are dark green. Suggests that such symptoms. The passage of blood in the left atrium, right ventricular dysfunction is connected. Result in a mix of black and red with blood. And the amount of oxygen in the blood is less  Cardiac abnormalities detected during physical examination ...           To go to the doctor for a check up every year. Another way is to allow us to predict the risk of heart disease, such as blood tests and found to be diabetic. Or hypercholesterolemia. It may be assumed that The risk of coronary heart disease as well. Or x-ray and found that Larger than normal size of the heart. Which can be caused by coronary artery disease. Valvular regurgitation. And squeeze the heart muscle weakens. The various rooms. The larger size of the heart in case found to be at high risk. Should not be complacent. Should seek medical advice immediately.  How to prevent heart disease ...                    We have said above. Basic assumption is that We have a high risk for heart disease, which is diagnosed with a heart disease or a heart attack, so if the doctor finds abnormalities. Should seek urgent medical advice.  For people who have normal heart. We have recommendations for cardiac care. (Before it's too late) are not.
           Observed abnormalities are always my own. In particular, the acute symptoms, such that the normal heart rate or palpitations, chest pain, frequent or so.                           Regular exercise. In addition to keeping the body healthy. Clear your mental health. Also helps the heart pump blood better too.            Healthy mind and healthy always. Try not to stress. Known temper. And always remember that. Stress and anger. Is a major cause of heart beating. And work harder.            Eating healthy. The suspension of a high fat diet. This causes high blood pressure. Severe coronary artery stenosis easy. And to eat more fruits and vegetables.                           Should undergo medical tests every year. Prevention and treatment of diseases such as heart disease may be unexpected.