Omega-3 disadvantage.

posted on 14 Feb 2013 11:04 by healthcareofyour
Omega-3 disadvantage.
Group of fatty acids called Omega 3 is a type of unsaturated fat. Found in deep sea fishing. Fat is necessary. Must be obtained from food because the body can not be built with two types of essential nutrients EPA and DHA, deep sea fishing. The nutrients in omega 3 include sardines, fish, herring mackerel, salmon and tuna in the Gulf of Thailand to the amount of omega-3 were the fish and a small quantity of the medium and fish.
The Crow eyed snapper fish freshwater fish species such as snakehead fish Nuanchan enough omega 3, some more than other freshwater fish.

    For the importance of DHA omega-3 acids in children is important for brain and eye development in babies. In particular, in the three months before the birth of DHA deficiency is associated with attention deficit disorder. Children with low levels of DHA have trouble sleeping, emotional behaviors and learning than children with normal levels of DHA and DHA supplementation on symptoms will get better.

    The importance of omega-3 in adults and the elderly. Will help reduce vicious strikes. Services in blood. And increasing levels of good cholesterol, which reduces the risk of coronary heart disease have Reduce the adhesion of platelets. Cause thrombosis is difficult. Lowers blood pressure slightly. Reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease. By reducing the adhesion of platelets. Prevent memory loss. Delay or prevent the growth of cancer cells.

      In addition, omega 3 and fish are also good sources of protein, easy to digest and are iodine in marine fish. Which prevents goiter problem. The growth and development of the brain in the early years.
    Precautions to take Omega 3 fish oil reduce platelet adhesion. So eat plenty of fish in the well. Fish oil supplements or eat. Makes the problem more difficult, especially if it stops bleeding with antiplatelet such as aspirin or Cole Pigeon Condo Grail.