Prevent hemorrhoids.

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Prevent hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids disease is the most common disease. It is estimated that half of the population older than 30 years of the onset of this disease.

Symptoms of the disease and keep it a secret for a long time to go to a private doctor for. Get treatment. At present there is no way to treat a myriad of ways. Hemorrhoids can eliminate the problem without inflicting pain. Any pain or suffering.

    Hemorrhoids is a disease in which the oldest recorded medical illnesses as well as the gifts that God has given to animals that can not stand up straight. Because this disease is not found in animals but not in humans, only four feet. The first record of the disease is found in ancient Greece and ancient Egypt about 1700 years ago or 1200 years before the Christian era.
And the treatment of this disease is going well. Whether steel pendant with fire. A pendant with a chemical bind or tie the origins of modern treatment has not been a hundred years. With the advent of the surgical field of colon and rectal diseases. And through the development of a sequence. Until now this has become a worldwide standard. It works very well. And does not cause any complications with the disease. All patients.

     Because the disease is very common. Patients are often embarrassed to see a doctor. Often treated incorrectly. Causing significant disease complications. The most common. Room with anal atresia. Defecation, which can not always be found on Hemorrhoids by hijackers with incense, heat, acid or chemical etching pendant with skin.
Injected incorrectly into the chemicals. Including surgery too. Free anal atresia patients most likely to have come to the very finger that can not be matched. Or the tools to do the little patient is surgery to remove the skin and mucous membranes around the constricted anal hole entirely. Then replace the bottom skin of the cheek. Treatment for at least 6 months to re-use the anus as well. Colorectal surgery were able to return to open defecation, abdominal possible.

      10 The Law on the Prevention and Treatment of Hemorrhoids.

If you have been diagnosed with hemorrhoids and anal. Or you do not want to be a disease. There are 10 ways to help you avoid the factors that can cause hemorrhoids or rectal diseases. That is already more severe.

1. Eating foods that are high in fiber such as brown rice, vegetables, fruit.
2. Drinking lot of water at least 6-8 glasses a day.
3. Avoid foods that may irritate the digestive tract, such as the spicy food, tea, coffee and soft drinks.
4. Regular exercise, such as brisk walking, swimming.
5. Practice to pass the time. Drinking a large glass of water immediately. After waking up in the morning to stimulate a bowel movement.
6. Avoid holding force feces or stool. Particular force to the stool before the final release until smooth. The toilet seat as long as necessary as reading the stool.
7. Care and cleaning of the anus is. After defecation. Clean water should be used rather than using paper towels.
8. A mild laxative. On the advice of a doctor when I was constipated. Avoid using laxatives or laxatives severe. Or use it as a habit. Character of the park and avoid the anus to defecate frequently than necessary.
9. Trying to avoid lifting heavy objects. And avoid clothing that is too tight. Especially the tight pants.
10. When symptoms occur, such as bleeding after defecation. Discomfort in the anal area. Doctor.