Healthy Diet Food: Fish is an important food

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Healthy Diet Food: Fish is an important food

         Fish is an important food. And its role in life. Thailand's long. From the past to the present, Thailand has been known as a natural food source. Consumed raw fish is not appropriate at a tremendous value. With high nutritional value. Low fat, easy to find. Make it suitable for many delicious foods to the diet of the people of all ages, from infants up to four months to the elderly and the nutritional value of fish protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.

          Value of the protein. Fish as a food source. The protein quality of the diet with the Department of Health have conducted a qualitative and quantitative analysis. Of protein and fat in fish showed that fish from the other fish are essential amino acids. Healthy compared to other fish meat is higher than almost all And found 20 species of fish that people consume. Ranged from 14.4 to 23.0 percent protein g protein in fish is easily digested proteins suitable for the growth of the baby. Children of preschool and school-age children, the elderly and patients with digestive system. The job done right. By the natural fish. Tissue than other meats. When fish is cooked, split into pieces. By bundles of muscle involvement fish is soft and not sticky like other meat intake.

          Value of the fat. The value of the protein. I also appreciate the fat. The fish. Essential body fat. Linoleic acid, especially the. Controls the level of cholesterol. And triglycerides in the blood. Cholesterol metabolism and accelerate this The level of cholesterol in the blood. The discount rate of heart disease deaths. It also contains unsaturated fatty acids. With emphasis on the two types of acid techno Said E. Mendoza river or the EPA component of fish is brain food value. Especially the brain. Fat is a substance in fish. The body can not produce itself. I will not eat the flesh of the fish.

         Value of the vitamins and minerals in addition to providing valuable fish. The protein and fat. The vitamins and minerals and other valuable vitamins and minerals and other vitamins which the value of the fish that contain the B vitamins niacin and two are needed. To take advantage of Bolton carbon hydrate. Fat and protein. Body effectively. In the work and learning.

       The value of the minerals. Fish the calcium And phosphorus in high proportions. To the formation of bones and teeth. Iron helps the blood cells. Prevent anemia. The fish has iodine which prevents goiter. In addition to providing valuable fish. Nutrition and health. Must be passed for cooking fish. The raw fish is cooked by the heat will be harmful to the body. The trichina worms to fish with China. The muscle. Skin and organs throughout the body.

        The world is changing rapidly rising food prices, but it also maintains a food source for fish. Cheaper than other foods. Equally valuable. The nutritional value of protein in both the quality and quantity of fish is good and right. Contributed to strengthening the body to grow. And tissue repair. The decay in the normal state. It is a mixture of substances. Immunization and provide energy to the body and is composed of antigens. And energy. Regularly eating fish instead of meat.
Will help reduce the amount of fat in the blood. The infant. Children of preschool and school age children. Consume fish on a regular basis. This will lead to a health. The rich and strong. And most importantly, to help with conservation. By no fish eggs or fish in the small fish to eat, so we will not have to have children.




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