Causes of gastritis.

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Causes of gastritis.

          A major culprit that causes gastritis is a "disease" called H.. PRIME (Helicobacter pylori) *, which is a bacteria in the stomach. It is located within the gut of an infected person for life. It is located near the bottom of the stomach. This infection is to activate the immune system in the gut. The acid is excreted more. The inflammation of the stomach lining. Lead to severe bleeding in the stomach. And intestine on itself.

          Note: * Medical Barry J. Marshall and J. Robin gastrointestinal Warren clinical pathology. The discovery of the bacteria. "Peter Bagley heliconia PRIME" (Helicobacter pylori) and received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
 To prevent gastritis.
           First, it is. Should eat all the time. That does not mean I have to eat three regular meals if eating only two meals on time, it's like eating two meals a day at 9.00 am and 12.30 pm and 16.00 pm on the evening was supposed to be at all. day If you are hungry, drink water before or instead of rice. I like to think that one stomach. If I do not eat on time, it could have been so frustrated by burning a wound?
           We do not sleep well the night we will be hungry. The acid is secreted into the stomach too hungry when we get hungry, let him sleep if I do not eat out! How to lose weight with.
           Celebrity "it" looks sumptuous. Because it will stay in the stomach longer. The protease is likely to shed more than usual fervor. Abdominal pain is followed closely, including the sour and spicy foods that irritate the stomach, such as wind, water fasting painkiller aspirin pain medication and so on.
           Should abstain from alcohol and tobacco are. It stimulates the secretion of acid in the stomach as well. What the requirement was. Regular exercise such as brisk walking, jogging and biking or swimming to get rid of stress that permeate every molecule of the body. Stress that it is easier to clean than just stress.

 I can stomach it. How to maintain ... I eat.

          Who would not want to see a doctor. Or eat a handful. The stomach is to begin eating a ripe banana is hard to eat a banana Hak Muk starch or eat cabbage, cooked cabbage, because it contains substances that help heal stomach ulcers. (The results of the research Thaly H. A new therapy of peptic ulcer: The anti-ulcer factor of cabbage. Gaz Med Fr 1965; 72:1992-3) Do not eat too much acidic vitamin "vitamin" because it can go. May cause mild stomach lining, especially when consumed at bedtime.

 Press the stomach and the spleen. **
          Use your thumb to press down on the area under the lower edge of the patella to the four fingers away from short legs to the outside of one finger to massage the hard with the thumb for 2-minute massage and two legs, as well as here. to adjust the spleen and the stomach.
          Yes, that's the ulcer is infected with H.pylori infection statistics from all but 60-70% of the population of the country. The infection is about 80-90% and 90% can be cured of this disease permanently. However, if the wound has not healed. The infection is not disappeared. There is a risk of cancer in the stomach.
          However, I want everyone to pay attention to health care. Be careful not to cause ulcer. If it must be quickly cured. Whether it's natural skin therapy. Or taking antacids. Drug coated stomach. But if it is chronic. Cancer is the biggest villain. I may be a threat to you.