What causes Alzheimer's disease

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What causes Alzheimer's disease

In the past, we always believed. Amnesia symptoms in the elderly. Is typical of the aging process. Be forgotten by the older ages. It's even more fascinating. But belief is not entirely correct. There are patients with Alzheimer's disease symptoms. Which is caused by the abnormal function of the brain. The effect of the daily routine. Including behavior, personality and mood.

We classified the symptoms of memory impairment. Into the following groups.

Amnesia symptoms by age (Mild Cognitive Impairment) is a little forgetful. Few things that can happen to me, especially the elderly, such as the left and I do not remember any of it. Or remember the names of people who are not familiar or I have not found so often found in this part of the brain that will change.Symptoms of Alzheimer's disease (Dementia) to omit a part of the brain than with memory disorders. The effect of the daily routine. This condition usually occurs gradually and slowly. And would have increased to several months to several years.

Pronounced symptoms in patients with Alzheimer's disease.

Impaired recognition. Or learn something new. I can not remember the conversation.The ability to use language. Both spoken and written language. I have no name. Abnormalities in the object's name and a sentence or a lack of continuity.There is a bug in the routine. And daily activities. Can not do a routine that had been routine until finally looks to be like children.
Not help themselves.Personality, behavior and mood of the unusual. May become passive. Shiftless Choleric anger made redundant.Did not sleep late stage symptoms may have psychological symptoms such as hallucinations or delusions, etc.The cause of Alzheimer's disease symptoms.

Causes of dementia syndrome has several causes. Symptoms and treatment are delayed or are not able to find that about 5% of patients who have impaired on memory. A group of symptoms that can cure it. Approximately half of these patients. After being healed. Treated correctly. However, most of the patients in the group who can not be cured or improved at present.
In this group, more than 65% mainly due to disease or syndrome called "Alzheimer's" (Alzheimer's Disease), which these patients. The disorder slowly. For many years. The closest relative to the amount of time that you have. Occurs when Most of the movements of the body.

Risk factors for Alzheimer's disease.
Found that most of the elderly aged over 65 years and have found it more embarrassing. The disease is more likely to be high. Average age of 60 years will find that there is a risk two times every 5 years or more.The family history and inherited. Especially in families with parents relative to this disease. The risk increases.Environment in the present study more. In terms of pollution and toxins that may have an impact on this disease.
But it can not be proven conclusively. However, data from epidemiological studies found that Some people have a high risk of the disease than the rest of the world.Other factors that have not come to a conclusion. Which led to the production of drugs or certain nutrients. The building is believed to help treat symptoms or slow. Prevention of Alzheimer's disease.Dementia caused by several reasons. When the treatment is started, it can not be cured.
Some of the reasons may prevent a relapse. In patients who can not keep up. Doctors may recommend that patients and relatives. How to behave and you caution. To slow the worsening symptoms than it should be. How to prevent the disease or complications. Including suggestions for relatives and caregivers should be encouraged to learn to care for patients with this disease to understand. This allows the patient and family. I've been living a happy and safe.