Eye care properly

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Eye care properly

The eyes are very sensitive organs of the human. The door is open communication with the people and the environment. We enjoy the entertainment. Tourism And learning through the following article. It is knowledge that will be useful in the treatment of eye health in those areas.

Child        Even a small child. They may have eye problems such as cataract, glaucoma, as well as adults have myopia and astigmatism or hyperopia, so the following may suspect that a child has a vision problem.- Children up to the age of 2-3 months, I have not looked. Or does not respond to the environment. What can not be seen.- Children ages attended a book or a TV very close to the normal inclination to blink by blink often have problems in short term tilt or other causes. It should lead to an ophthalmologist.
People who use computer regularly.

        The problem of pain, eye fatigue. Burning or discomfort of dry eyes so.       One. Should stay eyes do not look anything close (1-2 feet), about 5-10 minutes to 1 hour for the computer to look for some eyes. To help relieve the pain, eye fatigue.       Two. Behind the computer screen should be very light. It will interfere with the computer screen. Do not forget the windows.       Three.'s Head should be slightly higher than the computer screen. Do not have to look at the computer. This makes it easy to fatigue.       4. I have dry eye symptoms such as burning eyes, blinking eyes more often to sweep a tear from the eye surface. Or are using a computer. If you have symptoms. The use of artificial tears eye drops to help relieve symptoms.       Five. Might have a problem with the eyes or eye fatigue that cause pain, such as astigmatism or who is older than 40 years will have a closer look. The glasses will help solve the problem.
The eye.

       One. Those aged 40 years and over should be measured intraocular pressure at least once a year to check for glaucoma. Especially those with family members as glaucoma. Because some people may have glaucoma without knowing it. If left without treatment for a long time to make a blind eye or even to decline. And can not be treated to the sight to be seen.      Two. Those with diseases such as diabetic retinopathy should check to see if the eyes are diabetic or not. Since at least one year experience as a diabetic. Except in people with diabetes since the age less than 30 years if no darkening eye disorders may wait 5 years, then began a year at a time. If you have diabetes, an ophthalmologist and eye. The laser to the retina may help in the long term than those who do not have eyes that shoot lasers. But that does not make it any more obvious.The key is to maintain blood glucose levels, blood pressure and blood lipid levels in regular basis. To reduce the complications of diabetes eye well.
Trauma to the eye.To prevent accidents that may occur to the eyes.• The belt drive. Do not drive drunk or sleepy time. Because in case of an accident. Face may impact the windshield makes on both sides of the blind.• Avoid the sun, wind, dust, wind, perhaps by wearing sunglasses on.• The protective glasses when working with possible foreign objects thrown into the eyes, like a nail in a lawn mower. Grinding steel etc.• The use of optical radiation eye protection while welding. Inflammation of the cornea prevents ultraviolet radiation was.• Children should avoid playing with chickens or birds may peck corneal rupture. As well as playing with the dog. Dogs may be the lack of the eyelids and tear ducts.• If any liquid or chemicals in eyes, immediately flush eyes with water near the body (such as water) to reduce the amount of chemicals in the eye that helps to mitigate the better.
Danger of eye drops.• If you buy eye drops to the drug store to be careful because if certain drugs, such as drug use steroid eye drops do not help, or for a long time. May cause an eye infection. Have a cataract or glaucoma undertakings.

• Some kind of liquid drops, ear drops, eye and write with. Eye drops may be used. But if described as a special ear drops. Do not use eye drops. It may be dangerous to the eyes.