What causes thyroid disease.

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What causes thyroid disease.

     The thyroid is the largest endocrine glands in the human body. Insidiously undermine it if it malfunctions. The thyroid gland is responsible for producing thyroid hormone. Which is a hormone that is crucial to the growth of the body. Including control of other organs throughout the body on thyroid function abnormalities. As a result, all the eccentricities of the body, especially the brain and nervous system to function automatically. This is something we can not control.

More than half of thyroid disease is caused by a malfunction of the immune system. (Or white blood cells in the bloodstream. Or immune system), in which disease the patient has an illness does not equal violence. Treatment can be done at the level of disease control for the stability of the light. Or disease outbreak. And so patients can live as normally as possible. The current treatment is likely to continue long-term treatment. While the medical community is still trying to find solutions to the root causes.
Result from genetic and viruses. Is something we can not control it.
But stress. And the immune system. Is that we can take care of himself by the time natural human strain. The body has a mechanism by which a hormone secreted from the different sections. To help with strength, ability, or something more normal. To propel ourselves to overcome the pressure is going to be. As a result of changes in the body are many. Especially in endocrine. Whether the thyroid gland, adrenal or pituitary gland. The organ at the cellular level affect the functions of the body. The doctor also told of the results of several studies that show that stress contributes to stimulate the immune system that may not already own. Cause of this disease is.

Thyroid is a large endocrine gland in the body. Shaped like butterfly wings in the membranes of the larynx. Have a hard thyroid hormones. Which is necessary to sustain the life of the body. The effect on energy metabolism in the body. What is thyroid toxicity.Absence of thyroid hormones are normal to hard. As a result, the body has too much energy metabolism result in various symptoms. And symptoms associated with eye disorders. The symptoms of dry eye irritation. Conjunctivitis, blurred vision. Swelling around the eyes bulging eyes (especially in patients with severe eye symptoms) except that some patients may have disorders of the skin. The skin is raised swelling. Frequently the shin. Symptoms of thyroid toxicity.

- Feel palpitations, rapid heart rate and force. If cardiac arrhythmias.- Fatigue or muscle weakness, such as the upper arms and thighs.- Appetite eating capacity. I have lost weight, but the hot sweat.
- Stress anxiety, irritability, insomnia, hand tremors than normal thyroid growth. The disease causes thyroid toxicity.Currently do not know the exact cause of this disease. It may be caused by genetic and environmental co. The most common cause is Graves disease (Graves' disease) is a condition of the immune system within the body. A substance which stimulates the thyroid gland. The hormone increases. As a result, the symptoms of the disease. Thyroid disease diagnosis is a poison.

Of the symptoms and the blood test showed high levels of thyroid hormone. Treatment of thyroid toxicity. One. Treated by medication. To reduce the formation of thyroid hormones. Tend to treat patients. Pregnant women. Patients with mild symptoms. Two-year period of treatment patients should receive blood from a period of 2-3 months and the percent cured. 30-50 Common side effects include rash, nausea, bitter taste and a low white blood condition. The symptoms of the infection. Patients with fever and sore throat.

Very often during. 3 months after the first dose. This condition is very rare to have such symptoms immediately to stop the medication and see a doctor. Two. Treated by swallowing water. Often select treatment in elderly patients. Patients with heart disease. The patients returned for a repeat. Do not allow water radiation in pregnant women. When patients eat meat, mineral water, the radiation will destroy the thyroid hormone, resulting in less After treatment, patients should be treated by a GP in the last 6 months of the original minerals, usually done only once cured. Side effects that you might have. There is a severe lack of thyroid hormone permanently high.
Of the thyroid gland were normal. If this condition is met, patients must take thyroid hormone replacement medication for life. 3 patients treated by this method has a high chance of missing. She recovered quickly. Patients need to be ready physically before surgery. The cost is quite high. Surgery may damage the nerve to raise the larynx. To be voiced. Surgery by experienced surgeons to cause fewer side effects.