What is a migraine

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What is a migraine

  Now migraines have become a troubling issue for most women. The survey found that 18 percent of women faced with this problem and I found that only 6 percent only.

          Headaches caused if it is one, it should not be too worried. But when you become more and more frequent. There is so much pain and can not work. Do not be complacent, try reading the following 15 recommendations. Then consider that. Access to the common migraine or a headache anyway.

 1. I thought that migraine headache is not uncommon.
          People with migraine headaches are zealots. The headache is usually unilateral. If not treated immediately. You may be suffering from a headache the next 4 hours per day for 3 consecutive days, the symptoms may be dizziness, nausea, loss of light in the visible light, the stars shining. Or smell strange are not like the other. If left neglected by a doctor. Of course, if your symptoms are worsening.

 2. I like to treat yourself to a doctor.
          Many people try to save yourself a headache, which is considered to be the Tennant. Statistics show that from. 58 of 100 migraine patients who do not obtain the advice of a doctor. Although pain medication to help relieve pain temporarily, they actually have. If the migraine symptoms. Paracetamol tablets two painkillers, but still not enough to increase the dose even more. Some patients may have a later addiction. Some people may take drugs to 16 days in one month or more than 180 days in one year, thus found. One patient continued to have pain in the head. Since you pain there too.

          However, if it is a headache, consult a doctor. The correct diagnosis is better. Care and treatment. "Then a friend told me that" I do not know whether the drug is right for us or not.

 3. I eat painkillers on the same day.
          If you do not have a headache, consult a doctor. I do not take pain medication on a different, often because it can make the symptoms worse than ever. Do not just assume that the physicians did not. If an allergic reaction to the drug. Also, do not take medicine on an empty stomach. It may cause stomach irritation. A good way to eat a little snack. Then drug to drug absorption is more efficient.

 4th. Drug should not be too slow.
          Whenever they feel pain. Should not be ignored. It should be noted that a good start would be to find out that the real drug. If it is too slow. I could just touch the pain. If by then the drug was unable to suppress pain. Warning signs that you may be a migraine is. Mood changes often lazy hothead want some dessert, and I find out that I was not sleepy.

 5. Headaches than three times per month. Painkillers did not help it.
          If you have these symptoms are often treated with natural methods. I would like to try jogging. Swimming or cycling. I do not feel that these sports. It could be any sport you like. Just let the light is just 15 minutes a day is enough, but if you think it's tired. Know how to walk in the mall to see it all.
          But there are some people who will have to take medicine every day. Although it is not a headache. These drugs differ from common painkillers. Help relieve headaches. Tract by the blood and the nervous system is functioning.

 6. A reason for that. Why headache.
          There is much cause headaches. Each is different headache causes to. So why should we have to find the cause of headaches. I know it will not necessarily do so. And ready to face it.
 Seven. Not Change routines often.
          Sleeping more or less than usual. Eating too much or too little. Are the reasons that may cause a headache. The routines are not vulnerable to this continuous headache, especially with people who are. "Weekend migraine" which should be changed daily from Monday - Sunday too. And do not evaluate the various routines are too low. Especially if you just convalescence. You will need to take medication at the correct dose and carry with you always. Case of a sudden headache. If possible, avoid activities that can cause a headache.
 8. I think that's a headache as a result of menstruation.
          Every time you headaches during menstruation or during the first 2 days before menstruation to show that you are. "Migraine during menstruation," which is caused by the hormone estrogen in the body decreases. The head longer than the original, and even more difficult to maintain. In this case, do not ignore these symptoms should consult a doctor to make sure the symptoms.
 9th. Drug used to treat other diseases that can cause headaches.
          Drugs prescribed for in order to treat another may have side effects we head even more, it is in this case try to prescribed drugs that treat diseases that are not beneficial. any side to eat instead.
 10. I try to overcome migraine weekend.
          Some headaches are due to the holiday weekend too. This relaxation is a result of stress accumulated throughout the day past. The best way to avoid stress, we should then find various other activities such as planting trees, do not play with the dog.
 11. I stop you on birth control pills because of headaches.
          For some women, if your birth control pill. Migraine is much more demanding. In this case, the woman medicine to obstetrics physicians see Case, the doctor will order a birth control pill that works for us, let us try to see it. However, women with migraine. And shall not take birth control pills and smoking itself. Because of the risk of blood clotting disorders.
 12. If you are in the menopausal hormone therapy not working.
          Hormone therapy. May make the headache worse. If necessary, the doctor actually prescribed to help maintain the balance of the hormone estrogen in the body. That fits us better.
 13. I take pain medicine while pregnant.
          Especially during the first 3 months of pregnancy because it may cause some pain I have. Or disabled child in the womb, so to ensure that the drug or not. Should consult their doctor first.
 14. I maintain, however, headache symptoms can be treated with other complications.
          Typically, migraine may cause other complications, such as nausea, vomiting and nausea. In this case, the nausea drug. This will cause the stomach to absorb medicine has improved and the pain has disappeared. A complication is that part of the grill. Nausea and vomiting. Should go to the doctor to prescribe the medicine.
 15. A pill to help with the pain.
          If you have been suffering from headaches often also have other options to treat pain effectively. It is recommended that specialist Bio Feedback (Biofeedback) is a method for treating migraine patients. Or stress-effective way. It also helps maintain persons with chronic wounds. Incontinence is not good. Hypertension Urinary incontinence in Genoa Auto etc. Training (Training Autogeno) is to control your body and mind to relax. For people who like high stress or anxiety, migraine and asthma. And acupuncture. These methods have all been confirmed to relieve headaches.